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what you have to understand before i type this, is me and my best friend chelsea constantly plan out scenarios involving us and disasters, such as fires,  bombings, car accidents, ect, usually with stephen/dieter/trey from laguna beach in 7th grade, channing tatum in 8th grade and cory monteith this year in 9th grade. it usually involves us saving ourselves and running out of the disaster while screaming at the top of our lungs, taking pictures and laughing our heads off.

so last night, me, chelsea and our friend liza went to our first homecoming. the dance itself was pretty boring, all we did was dance in the DISGUSTINGLY hot gym, take pictures and drink in the air conditioned hallway. around 9:30, the DJ was playing break your heart by taio cruz when all of a sudden, there was this whistling sound and lights going off. since there were lights going off in the gym already, i just figured that it was the lights changing colors and the dj blowing a whistle into the microphone, so me and liza kept on dancing until chelsea noticed that people were running out of the gym and saying fire. chelsea and i grabbed hands and started SPRINTING out of the gym, with chelsea ripping liza's arm out of it's socket. the teachers have no idea what's going on, so they all are telling us to go through different exits. eventually, we just stuck with the staircase that would take us down by the cafeteria. chelsea and i made it to the front of the mob, basically running over the teacher and laughing our heads off and taking pictures of ourselves running. midway through our sprint down the stairs, chelsea and liza got seperated. eventually, we made it out of the staircase, but we were running so fast, we beat the teachers and the gigantic mob of people by about 10 yards.

when we got outside is when we finally realized that we didn't have liza with us anymore, but before that, chelsea and i had about 7 minutes where we were laughing so hard we couldn't even make words come out of our mouth. we paced around the towson high school lot about 3 times before we came to the decision that she was trapped inside the school. chelsea asked ms.mathena, our vice principal, if she knew if anyone was inside the school still. at this time, no one knew whether or not this was real, so we were all freaking out. some people were crying, while others were using the opportunity to take pictures, such as me and chelsea. she said that they were still checking, but they didn't think so.to make things seem even more real, the fire trucks were arriving, so me and chelsea took the opportunity to take a picture of me in front of the fire truck and the fire truck itself.

at this point, we were desperate to find liza, so we asked two people who went to our middle school if the had seen her anywhere (they hadn't.).  3 laps later, we had found our friend aria, who had said that she saw her  "somewhere over there". (referring to another area of the parking lot.) we ran over to the area she was describing, only to pace around 4 more times without seeing her. we ended up going down to the soccer field, running down screaming MARCO, figuring that liza would scream POLO back at us. in a burst of adrenaline, chelsea and i linked arms and ran up the hill, only to trip and fall flat on our faces. around 9:45, chelsea and liza's mom pulled up ready to pick us up. (explaining to them what happened to us was a complete disaster.) we set back out to look for liza, sitting on the bike rack for 10 minutes waiting for her to walk up to the door to see if we were inside. (people were outside without their purses/shoes because they didn't have time to go back in and get it.) finally, after me and chelsea both took another lap around the parking lot, chelsea spotted liza walking around looking for us. it turns out that she was on the cedar avenue lot (which is on the other side of the school), while we were on the aigburth road lot. (thank you, aria, for your lovely directions.) on the drive back, WE COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. we all traded horror stories as we explained to my mom, liza's mom and chelsea's mom about our "best night ever."

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